Happy Star with 22 Damen Vessels Arrives in Rotterdam

 On the 20th of October 2015, BigLift Shipping’s heavy-lift vessel Happy Star arrived in the Port of Rotterdam. This is the first time Happy Star has visited the Netherlands, bringing with her Damen’s largest transportation of stock vessels to date; a total of 22 vessels. Whilst  several of these have already been sold, a number are still available and can be delivered quickly.

Included in the Damen transport are two Fast Crew Suppliers 2610, one ASD Tug 2310, three ASD Tugs 2411 and three ASD Tugs 3212, all of which have been sold and will be delivered to clients upon arrival. Additionally, there are a number of completed vessels available for sale. These are, two Stan Tugs 1606, two Stan Tugs 1004, two Stan Tugs 1907, two Stan Pontoons 5213, two Stan Pontoons 3011, a further ASD Tug 3212 and two Stan Launches 1004.

The Damen stock vessels are ready for operation, and so can be swiftly delivered to clients upon purchase. However, they can still be equipped with options specified by the client. Having arrived in Rotterdam the vessels will receive final touch-ups and cleaning before being delivered, either to clients or to various Damen shipyards.

Hugo Hoekstra, Design Engineer Pontoons & Barges at Damen Shipyards, said: “The main reason for this transport is to bring our stock closer to customers who demand short delivery times. Damen is able to group globally-produced stock vessels together in a transport to minimise cost of shipment, making our vessels available for clients of all sizes and industries.”

Mr Buconić, Commercial Manager at BigLift Shipping: "Damen Shipyards and BigLift Shipping go back a long time. With Happy Star in position, BigLift was able to offer Damen a practical solution to bring a large number of their stock vessels to Rotterdam in one shipment. We are happy that we could offer Damen our technical solutions."

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