Gulf and Middle East Oil & Gas Security 2015 Summit: Data Security Challenges for Various Companies

 The cyber-security industry is a highly advanced one, but cyber-attacks become more sophisticated daily, pushing the IT security market to develop and expand at an ever quicker rate. When it comes to the Middle Eastern oil and gas industry, some hacker groups (terrorist, criminal and activist) exist with the sole aim to destroy their IT barriers.

The “Desert Falcons” hacking group was developed with the aim to devastate Middle Eastern cyber targets with victims including Governments, critical infrastructure, the oil and gas sector, the defence sector and media targets. According to Kaspersky’s report published this February, it’s expected their operations will become more advanced and external funding for political or criminal goals will enhance their efficiency.

Recent Islamic State activities increased the region’s level of cyber risk. A data leak could be catastrophic, as the terrorism organisation is majorly funded by illicit oil trafficking. ISIS sympathizers recently accessed Twitter and YouTube accounts belonging to the U.S. military command overseeing operations in the Middle East.

The "Anonymous" activist group launched their ‘Operation Petrol’ campaign in 2014 targeting the data systems of oil, gas and energy companies with 204 sites being hacked by June 2014 targeting many organisations involved in the Gulf’s oil and gas industry.
With this in mind, the 4th Gulf and Middle East Oil & Gas Security Summit will host a highly topical session that will help oil companies in the region assess their cyber protection in line with other companies addressing methods and technologies to boost their cyber security preparedness.

This year’s Summit will take place on 18th-19th May in Dubai. Gold Sponsors include the worldwide provider of critical communications solutions, Send Word Now and Thales, the aerospace, transportation, defence and security system integrator.
Taking place under the Chatham House Rule and with no media present, this Summit will be a discreet meeting focused on the regional security considerations for the oil and gas industry.

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