General Dynamics Delivers Upgraded Piranha IIIC Vehicles to Spanish Marines

GDELS has delivered three modernized Piranha IIIC armored vehicles to the Spanish Marine Corps. These deliveries are part of a larger F10 mid-life maintenance program encompassing a total of 21 vehicles.

F10 Program Extends Piranha IIIC Service Life

The F10 program aims to enhance the capabilities and lifespan of the Piranha IIIC fleet. GDELS describes the process as a comprehensive overhaul, including disassembly, repairs, subsystem upgrades, and acceptance testing. After reassembly and painting, the vehicles undergo final inspections before delivery to the military.

Key Upgrades Bolster Performance and Protection

According to Army Recognition, key upgrades encompass the drivetrain, safety features, and other critical subsystems. These enhancements ensure the Piranha IIIC remains effective against modern threats while improving overall performance in areas like mobility and crew comfort.

New Piranha Variant Unveiled

In addition to the Piranha IIIC upgrades, GDELS recently unveiled a new, highly maneuverable Piranha variant. This 10-wheeled Piranha Heavy Mission Carrier boasts an all-wheel-drive system and a multi-link suspension for exceptional off-road capability. The carrier features a tighter turning radius (under 18 meters) and an increased payload capacity of 17 tons.

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