Headquartered flight simulator manufacturer HAVELSAN announced that another HAVELSAN constructed full flight simulator (FFS), an Airbus A320 operated by Turkish Airlines, has achieved European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Level D certification. This is one of three HAVELSAN Airbus A320 FFS that Turkish Airlines will operate as part of a contract for the procurement of a total of eleven A320 CEO NEOs and Boeing 737 Max FFS and FTD’s.

This latest Airbus A320 full flight simulator EASA certification showcases to the global airline and pilot training industry that HAVELSAN can provide it with world-class Turkish manufactured pilot training equipment. HAVELSAN is especially putting focus on providing industry leading after sales support and discussing with customers long-term cooperation projects.

“We are thrilled to announce the first Airbus A320 EASA full flight simulator certification of a HAVELSAN manufactured device in 2024. It symbolizes our shared dedication with Turkish Airlines to ensure that the simulator training infrastructure meets standards from around the globe. ” stated Mehmet Akif Nacar, Ph.D CEO of HAVELSAN.

In 2023 a number of HAVELSAN Boeing B737MAX full flight simulators achieved EASA Level D Certification and HAVELSAN supported Turkish Airline through a training center partnership. While earlier in March 2024 HAVELSAN announced it would ramp up activities and support for airlines and simulator training centers including the ability to manufacturer up to eight full flight simulators per year as well as work with airlines to support them expanding their simulator training center operations through flexible solutions.

Taking its stance in the simulation industry for 40 years, HAVELSAN is dedicated to meet the needs of Flight Simulator Training Devices both domestically and internationally, and continues to provide advanced solutions to its customers. The company is currently actively seeking additional airline or training center operators to share information about its products and the unique offering that it can provide.

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