FLIR and Airbus Helicopters Select the SAFIRE® 380 Electro-Optical Systems For the H145 T2

FLIR Systems, Inc. and Airbus Helicopters Deutschland announced today the selection of the Star SAFIRE 380-HD as the Global Preferred Solution for Electro-Optical Systems on the H145 T2, one of the world’s leading Police and medium SAR aircraft.  The Star SAFIRE 380-HD will be the standard worldwide Electro-Optical solution available from Airbus Helicopters for all H145 T2 operators until at least 31st December 2017.

“FLIR Systems is extremely pleased with the partnership that has been developed with Airbus Helicopters to maximize the performance and capability of Airbus’s new range of German-built helicopters” said Kevin Tucker, Vice President and General Manager of FLIR Surveillance. “The Star SAFIRE 380-HD is recognized as the global sensor leader in the Airborne Law Enforcement and SAR markets, and the combination with the H145 T2 will be a potent one.”

Qualified and flying in the world’s most demanding environmental and operational situations, the Star SAFIRE 380-HD represents the latest state-of-the-art airborne observation solution, offering extreme stand-off observation capability with HD resolution in a single unit configuration. The sensor system is currently used in search and rescue operations, law enforcement, military and border surveillance missions worldwide. The Star SAFIRE 380-HD contains advanced payload configurations with multiple HD sensors, including a full native high definition infrared camera.  

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