FAUN Trackway USA has secured a landmark order from the Hamlet of Kugluktuk in Canada, marking the company’s first sale in the country.
The Canadian hamlet is the first in the region to place an order for FAUN Trackway’s Boat Ramp Kit, which is designed to provide easy passage for entry into waters in extreme environments.

Geographically isolated, Kugluktuk’s municipal authority required a unique solution that would provide the safe transit of marine equipment to and from shore, as well as goods delivered by sealift. The harsh conditions of Canada’s Northwest Passage meant ramps previously used, from materials such as cement, were subject to major damage and required yearly repair or replacement. Using the Boat Ramp Kit ensures the community can deploy a stable ramp system during the spring and then remove it before the winter ice forms.

FAUN Trackway’s Boat Ramp Kit is a specially designed deployment and transportation device constructed from MLC 70 Trackway panels, laying and recovery kit, and Anchorage kit. Once unpacked and assembled, the MLC 70 panels can be rolled out into water and used again in a different location once picked up, providing both permanent and temporary solutions.

Mike Holdcraft, VP of Business Development at FAUN Trackway USA, said: “This order with the Hamlet of Kugluktuk is a brilliant example of how our products can be used in environments around the world, and of course marks a significant point for us being the first Canadian order.

“We’re proud to provide a sustainable system that will serve the Kugluktuk community well into the future.”

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