Information is vital to our armed forces and the BAE Systems designed Falcon system gives the British Army and Royal Air Force a real advantage in the digital age. Falcon is a fully deployable, tactical communications system with an impressive ability to interface with a wide range of other systems. This means that voice, data and video information can now be shared securely across the battlespace using one common system.


Data from an Unmanned Air Vehicle mission is transmitted securely to a ground station. Data is then sent via Falcon to a satellite and on to the UK for analysis.

Analysis of the UAV data reveals a potential threat to coalition forces and a secure video conference is set up between the UK command centre and regional Headquarters in the operational area using Falcon.

A decision is taken to investigate the imminent threat. Falcon is used to transmit vital information to ground troops and aircraft on patrol in the region.

The threat is successfully engaged and the imminent danger is eliminated. Falcon is used to relay details back to the regional headquarters and the UK command centre.


In simple terms, Falcon is the equivalent of going from an old analogue telephone system to a high-speed broadband internet connection.

Falcon uses standard Internet Protocols (IP) but it does it in a highly secure way.

The Falcon technology is easily transportable with vehicle and palletised options. Once set-up Falcon provides both local area system, within the Command Post for example, and wide area systems which can if required provide a secure link back to the UK.


Because Falcon replaces several fragmented systems with one integrated system, set-up times are faster, fewer people need to be deployed to the front-line and costs are reduced.

Falcon’s impressive ability to interface with a wide range of other systems means that voice, data and video information can be shared securely between Coalition partners.

The ruggedized Falcon systems can be pre-configured ready for deployment and speedily set-up in even the most hostile of environments.


Falcon provides a secure internet for the battlespace linking service personnel at all levels of command.

Falcon can act as a communication hub linking nearly a hundred separate headquarters together.

Falcon handles four different levels of information.


Falcon provides a step-change in capability for the UK’s armed forces. It is the difference between winning and losing the battle for information superiority.

The UK’s Armed Forces are required to operate effectively with multinational, coalition partners. Falcon has the ability to work with a large number of military and commercial communication systems.


Falcon is a key element of the networked battlefield allowing high capacity voice, data and video communications over a common wide area network.

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