Eurofighter Gets Brain Boost and Bigger Bite

A new upgrade is coming for the Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jet, designed to keep it on top and protect Europe’s airspace for many years. The development contract, called Phase 4 Enhancement (P4E) System Definition (SD), was signed by Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug and NETMA, an agency managing Eurofighter and Tornado jets for NATO.

The upgrades focus on making the pilot’s job easier and the jet more effective in combat. One key feature is an automated system that manages the jet’s sensors, allowing the pilot to handle more tasks at once. The cockpit will also be improved, and the jet’s ability to communicate with other aircraft will be enhanced.

The Eurofighter will also get better defenses against electronic attacks, with upgrades to its existing systems and new capabilities for the German air force. Finally, the P4E project will investigate ways to extend the lifetime of the Eurofighter Typhoon so it can continue to serve well into the future.

Officials from both Eurofighter and NETMA emphasized the importance of this upgrade in keeping the Eurofighter Typhoon a powerful and modern fighter jet, capable of defending Europe for decades to come. The development work will be done by the companies that build the Eurofighter Typhoon along with their various partners.

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