Egypt Soars Towards Advancement in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Unveiling the Secrets of Its Mammoth Drone Fleet

Egypt is making remarkable strides in the realm of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), amid fierce competition among regional powers to bolster their military capabilities. Its burgeoning drone fleet stands as a testament to its remarkable military and technological renaissance, becoming the largest Arab and African fleet of its kind.

This development reinforces Egypt’s position as a proactive and independent regional power in a rapidly changing world driven by innovation and technological supremacy.

Delving into Egypt’s Drone Arsenal:

This article unveils the secrets of Egypt’s formidable drone fleet and sheds light on the cutting-edge technologies that equip it. The fleet encompasses a diverse range of UAVs, each with unique capabilities:

  • Loong Wing: An advanced reconnaissance and combat drone characterized by its exceptional reconnaissance capabilities and the ability to be armed with various types of ammunition.
  • CH-5: A powerful combat drone distinguished by its substantial payload capacity, extended range, and precision in striking targets.
  • H12 Poseidon: An Egyptian-made drone designed for both offensive and reconnaissance missions, featuring resistance to jamming systems and the ability to carry six bombs.
  • SRS-1A: A heavy-duty UAV capable of vertical takeoff and landing, utilized for intelligence gathering and armed attacks.
  • 30 June: A fully Egyptian drone remarkable for its 24-hour endurance and 7,000-meter altitude capability.
  • Tyba 30: An Egyptian drone dedicated to reconnaissance, surveillance, and intelligence gathering, excelling in its 30-hour continuous flight capability.
  • 6 October: A reconnaissance UAV with a maximum speed of 260 km/h, capable of flying for 30 continuous hours with a 240-kilometer operational range, representing an enhanced version of the 30 June drone.
  • Nut: An Egyptian drone tailored for observation, reconnaissance, and intelligence collection, distinguished by its 14-hour endurance.
  • Ahmos: An Egyptian drone specifically designed for armed attacks, reconnaissance, and surveillance, boasting a 250 km/h speed capability.
درون "Wing Loong" الصيني
طائرة بدون طيار من نوع CH-5 Rainbow
طائرة "30 يونيو" المسيرة
الطائرة المسيّرة “نوت”

Arabi Drones: A Comprehensive Training System:

Egyptian drones known as “Arabi” constitute an integrated system comprising six models dedicated to training air defense forces. This group includes:

  • Arabi 1: Designed for short- and medium-range training, featuring a 60-minute endurance capability.
  • Arabi 2: Characterized by its ease of use and high speed, with a 45-minute endurance capability.
  • Arabi 3: Notable for its compact size and delta-shaped wings, with a 45-minute endurance capability.
  • Arabi 4: Dedicated to reconnaissance and surveillance operations, capable of flying for 20 minutes at an altitude of 400 meters and a range of 10 km.
  • Arabi 5: An advanced reconnaissance drone, with a 120-minute endurance capability at a speed of 80 km/h.


Egypt’s drone fleet not only serves as a testament to its military prowess but also stands as a beacon of its unwavering commitment to keeping pace with the latest technological advancements in this domain. These drones are continuously being developed to meet Egypt’s evolving security and defense needs.

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