Egypt Assumes Command of Combined Maritime Forces’ Combined Task Force 154 from Jordan

The Egyptian Navy assumed command of Combined Maritime Forces’ (CMF) maritime security training focused task force during a change of command ceremony at the CMF headquarters in Manama, Bahrain, June 30. 

Royal Jordanian Navy Capt. Ayman Al Naimat turned over command of Combined Task Force (CTF) 154 to Egyptian Navy Commodore Haytham Khalil. Egypt is the third partner nation to command the task force since its establishment in May 2023.

“I am proud I have been giving the chance to represent my country, Jordan, in the CMF family as CTF 154 commander for the past seven months,” said Capt. Al Naimat. “CMF is more than just about the message we deliver, it’s about the commitment we’re all eager to present, it’s all about collective efforts we all share to maintain the global maritime security in this very important part of the world. I hope that I was able along with my team to achieve CMF vision and to successfully fulfill CTF 154’s mission speaking of maritime security enhancement training (MSET).”

CTF 154 conducts multinational maritime training at locations across the Middle East, enabling more CMF partner-nations to participate in training opportunities without ships or aircraft, particularly during courses that are facilitated ashore. It organizes training events around five core areas: maritime awareness, maritime law, maritime interdiction, maritime rescue and assistance, and leadership development. Each training opportunity is tailored to meet partner requests ranging from basic to advanced levels.

“It is my honor to represent my country, Egypt, in CMF as the new CTF 154 commander,” said Commodore Khalil. “My team and I will give the role all we have to achieve CMF’s vision and to successfully fulfill CTF 154’s mission in maritime security enhancement training to reach the goals we are all looking for.”

Commodore Khalil will lead a team of nine multinational staff from six countries in planning, coordinating, and executing MSET.

CMF is the world’s largest naval partnership, with 44 countries working together. Other task forces include CTF 150, focused on maritime security in the Gulf of Oman, Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden; CTF 151, which leads regional anti-piracy efforts; CTF 152, dedicated to maritime security in the Arabian Gulf; and CTF 153, focused on international maritime security in the Red Sea, Bab al-Mandeb, and Gulf of Aden.

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