Damen Naval signs new contract with Dutch supplier for Anti-Submarine Warfare frigates

Damen Naval will partner with Hatenboer-Water on all freshwater systems on board the four Anti-Submarine Warfare Frigates (ASWF) that Damen Naval is building for the Netherlands and Belgium. With this contract, Damen Naval has once again found a Dutch supplier for the prestigious ASWF project.

“From the very beginning, we have said that we want to involve as many companies from the Dutch maritime manufacturing industry as possible in our projects,” explains Damen Naval Project Director Joop Noordijk. “Safe and clean water on board is essential and we look forward to working with Hatenboer-Water.”

Damen Naval signed the contract for the design and construction of the ASWF in June 2023. The frigates will be deployable for multiple tasks, although the emphasis will be on anti-submarine warfare. They are the replacements for the current Karel Doorman-class Multipurpose Frigates. With the end of life of these ships in sight, the Netherlands and Belgium have decided on a joint replacement programme. To this end, two frigates will be built for the Royal Netherlands Navy and two for the Belgian Navy.

Schiedam-based Hatenboer-Water has been supplying water supply systems to ships worldwide since 1906 and introduced the ‘Safe Water on Board’ concept, combining water treatment and distribution installation with global assistance for management and maintenance. The company also supplies the water systems for the F126 frigates that Damen Naval is building for the German navy. 

“From freshwater generators to pressure control and hot water production, every aspect will be meticulously developed to meet the highest standards of performance and reliability,” says Guy Heijnen, Chief Commercial Officer of Hatenboer-Water. “This collaboration not only confirms our commitment to providing high-quality solutions for maritime defence, but also highlights our shared vision of ensuring safety and efficiency at sea.”

The first vessel is scheduled to be delivered by Damen Naval in 2028.

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