Commvault Brings Corporate Data Management Best Practices to File Sync and Share Solution Marketplace

Addressing growing security concerns about the broad range of documents, presentations, emails and spreadsheets being spread inside and outside of companies using consumer-grade solutions, Commvault today announced new capabilities to help business users more safely store, access and share files virtually anywhere.  With the expansion of capabilities within its Endpoint Data Protection Solution Set, Commvault offers businesses an enterprise file synchronization and share (EFSS) solution that provides a smart compliment to and/or alternative to consumer-level solutions by adhering to corporate data management best practices so that sensitive data remains secure in compliance with business requirements.

While the increasing use of consumer file sharing services (like Box and DropBox, as examples) are driving new levels of collaboration in the enterprise, it comes with a cost: these files and the data within them are not backed up, and not subject to the same data management disciplines considered routine in enterprise environments. As a result, CIOs, compliance and risk officers, and general counsels are increasingly concerned about meeting legal and compliance requirements as users share data in and out of the enterprise. With the launch of Commvault File Sharing, organizations now have the option to bring that data fully under IT control for the most security sensitive use cases, without trading off usability. By having a user’s data stored in a secure repository accessible via web or mobile device, enterprises using Commvault are able meet stringent regulatory and data governance requirements.

In addition to offering features, functionality and a user experience similar to existing EFSS  solutions, Commvault’s new business offering provides a powerful additional benefit to customers:  recognizing the broad adoption of existing consumer solutions in the market, Commvault File Sharing  improves those cloud services by assuring that the data shared through Box and DropBox and others is visible to IT, secured and backed up, and fully searchable for use by end users and for eDiscovery.

“It’s no secret that IT is losing its grip of corporate data through the combination of poor data governance throughout the enterprise and an increasing reliance on consumer file sharing solutions,” said Rama Kolappan, senior director and head of Commvault’s Information and Mobility Management  Business Unit. “Through Commvault File Sharing and our new Edge Drive™ feature, users now have the freedom to share and collaborate and be productive from virtually anywhere in the world without any tradeoffs in security and compliance.  As an established leader in back up and information management, we are proud to be able to give enterprises a ‘best of both worlds’ solution that doesn’t cut corners in file synchronization, sharing, usability and just as importantly, data governance and security.”

Commvault also announced the availability of Edge Drive™, a new feature Commvault File Sharing, which delivers a virtual folder that sits within the desktop or laptop client.  This “personal cloud” enables real time sharing across the full range of mobile devices and through a web console that provides universal access for file sharing and collaboration.  Edge Drive captures data from all sources, including Box and DropBox, assuring seamless data protection and governance across EFSS solutions, with no loss in usability, functionality or flexibility.

“Commvault File Share and its Edge Drive™ feature fits in line with the market demand for secure, scalable collaboration platforms that enable end-users to easily share content worldwide between employees and nonemployees while meeting IT’s protection, recovery, and compliance requirements,” said Liz Conner, Research Manager, IDC. “As a result, Commvault is helping to bring control back to organizations with secure sharing and collaboration capabilities that add strategic value to its core endpoint data protection solution set.”

Leveraging a unique and differentiated single-platform architecture, businesses gain value from a range of features and capabilities, including:

·         A fully-integrated solution for endpoint data backup, recovery, access, security, and data loss prevention.

·         Flexibility in deployment options including on premise, hybrid or in the cloud (and via partner for managed or hosted solutions).

·         Unique security and compliance benefits with enterprise-wide search and discovery of datacenter and endpoint data.

·        Insights into file type, size and age to make more informed business decisions regarding data and information management.

·      Increased security and usability to mobile devices, including features such end-user search of protected data, driving improved mobile productivity.

·         The ability to sync content across all of a user’s devices.

·         An easy way to browse, download, manage, and restore files from Edge Drive™ to a local device.

·         Seamless sharing of files and folders from Edge Drive™ with other users via the web or mobile app.

·         Enterprise-grade security so data is encrypted at source, in transit and at rest.

·         Administrative control to manage policies and permissions for all users at scale.


Unlike many file share solutions that require the additional cost and integration efforts of third-party tools to make data searchable from multiple data silos for events such as litigation and audit, Commvault’s latest file sync and share capabilities enable enterprise-wide search on a comprehensive data set for compliance and eDiscovery, including integrated legal hold.  Hosted in the ContentStore, Commvault’s unique single, fully-integrated data repository, files can be accessed by both internal and external users to foster productivity and collaboration without relinquishing ownership of the data or introducing new solutions. This centralized approach to data management is especially relevant in highly-regulated industries such as financial services and healthcare where having compliance, e-discovery and security measures in place is extremely critical.

Commvault® File Sharing with the new Edge Drive™ feature is available now and is licensed per user.         

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