COHEMO participates in the ‘Long Precision 21’ exercise at CENAD’s shooting range

The “Long Precision 21” training exercise took place from 19th to 22nd April. It was based on a precision exercise in the facilities of the “Centro Nacional de Adiestramiento” (CENAD) of San Gregorio (Zaragoza), which involves expert shooters of both national and international character, and which had COHEMO as a collaborator on this occasion.

Every year, this exercise brings together elite shooters from different Security Forces and Corps, as well as representatives from other countries.

The exercise was attended by professional members of different military forces. On behalf of the Spanish Army, the following divisions were present: San Marcial, Castillejos, MCANA and Royal Guard. In addition, the Navy, Air Force, Police and Guardia Civil also took part in the exercise. In terms of international participants, representatives from the United Arab Emirates, the United States and Portugal took part.

The “Compañía de Reconocimiento Avanzado” (CRAV), an organization which belongs to the BRIPAC, was responsible for directing and coordinating the exercise. This organization has a team of highly qualified precision shooters. The exercise was attended by General Sáez (BRIPAC).

For the correct execution of this exercise, COHEMO, together with its partner Marathon, has provided the most advanced technology for the correct training of the different members of the Army Forces and Security Forces. The mobile shooting targets provided by both companies consist of autonomous, human-like robots equipped with Artificial Intelligence that “think” for themselves and behave like people on the battlefield. These robots are able to react to different impacts, as they are designed to work with real bullets, performing side-to-side movements and combining variable speed movements.

The ‘Long Precision 21’ exercise started the previous week at the precision shooting range in Uceda (Guadalajara), where the shooting targets systems developed by COHEMO were implemented.

COHEMO, a Spanish company based in Móstoles (Madrid), is aware of the importance of the correct training of the State Security Forces, which is why it is always ready to provide them with the best service and the latest technology.

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