Cobham Introduces New Electric Propulsion Xenon Regulator for Commercial Satellites

Cobham has introduced its new Electric Propulsion Xenon Regulator to the satellite industry at the 2015 Paris Air Show (Stand E156).  Cobham’s advanced higher flow Xenon regulator allows commercial satellites to start generating revenue sooner by reaching orbit in less time than traditional electric propulsion systems that are limited by a lower flow capacity. 

Cobham has the unique capability to couple this regulator with other components into an integrated assembly with drastically reduced size and weight.  The integrated assembly can be altered to fit any configuration, making it extremely flexible and customizable to meet a variety of customer needs.  Cobham has a wide range of pneumatic valve products serving different industries that can be leveraged to meet any performance or budget target. These products include pyrovalves, service valves, latching valves, relief and check valves, flow control valves, and solenoid valves.  We also offer lightweight composite fuel tanks that allow for more payload and are available either off the shelf or tailored to your specifications.

With our extensive pedigree and full range of pneumatic capability, Cobham can be an ideal strategic partner defining specifications early on to optimize system design. Cobham can also provide a vast selection of off the shelf, flight-proven solutions to significantly reduce program cost and risk. “Our specialty is combining multiple components into integrated assemblies that provide new systems with significant weight, envelope and cost savings”, said Stuart Buckley, Senior Director, Business Development and Sales. 

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