BAE Systems…Electronic warfare leadership

As the world leader in electronic warfare, BAE Systems remains unsurpassed in the field across the electromagnetic spectrum. Our state-of-the-art technology maximizes mission survivability for the warfighter, providing end-to-end capabilities to counter current and emerging threats.

Our superior knowledge and more than 60 years of experience has given us the largest market footprint for electronic warfare (EW) technology, and we continue to outpace market growth. We are, for example, creating the electronic warfare suite for the F-35 Lighting II, and are responsible for F-15 EW modernization efforts, helping to enhance and extend the aircraft’s survivability and mission capability for the future.

Building on our rich heritage, BAE Systems also remains committed to developing EW technology to counter emerging threats. As the sole provider to fifth-generation aircraft and having produced more than 12,000 tactical EW systems to date, we continue to innovate for the future to help maximize mission effectiveness and warfighter survivability.


Electronic war

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