BAE ground-breaking technology ‘mixes’ real and virtual world to allow operators to take real-time control

British engineers from BAE Systems are working in collaboration with academics at the University of Birmingham to develop applications for this ground-breaking technology concept, which intelligently ‘mixes’ together the real and virtual world to allow operators to take real-time control of their environments like never before. This includes a briefcase sized portable command centre that can be easily deployed and set-up anywhere to tackle emergency scenarios by creating a ‘virtual’ information rich workspace, and a ‘wearable cockpit’ to provide pilots with a customisable environment to enhance their situational awareness while also reducing the cost of cockpit upgrades. This revolutionary concept called ‘mixed reality’ allows the operator to see themselves and their surroundings along with virtual images, video feeds, objects and avatars, seamlessly bringing together the critical battlefield elements in a single place.

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