Asseal, graduate engineer and procurement specialist in Saudi Arabia

A graduate engineer and procurement specialist, Asseal joined Naval Group Arabia in 2021 as a Procurement supervisor before being appointed Supplier sourcing and localisation manager. He is a pillar of the 4-year maintenance contract between Naval Group Arabia and Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Defense that kicked off in June 2022 and emphasises the importance of localisation.

Within the framework of the 4-year maintenance contract designed to support the Sawari I and II fleets, Asseal plays a vital role in nurturing relationships with suppliers to meet the demand for more than 8.000 items listed in the spare parts catalogue. ‘To comply with Saudi Arabia’s requirements, our first step is to ensure that at least 25% of the contract volume is generated locally by 2025 and that our suppliers meet Naval Group quality and compliance standards,’ explains Asseal.

Diverse sourcing approaches

To address this challenge, Asseal relies on different approaches. ‘We favour existing suppliers and execute an extensive program to engage and expand our partnerships with them. If necessary, we transfer the knowledge required for them to master all technical aspects of our operations. In addition, we approach global and French corporations with existing subsidiaries in the Kingdom’. Asseal also attends major industry events, initiating conversations with potential new suppliers. He consistently collects regular information from the web and social media, maintaining a vigilant watch on the market and conducting research to identify the best match for Naval Group demanding standards.

Identify and qualify

Once identified and assessed, suppliers must be qualified. Once the audit phase is over, establishing that the supplier is financially stable and that it complies with Naval Group quality standards, Asseal visits them on site to concretely assess their industrial capabilities, running a quality audit to ensure that they have the right resources to implement Naval Group processes. Social responsibility is yet another aspect that Asseal focuses on, as all Naval Group suppliers must comply with the group’s sustainability and compliance requirements.

Asseal’s objectives fully align with the Saudi Vision 2030 plan that aims for over 50% of local content by 2030. As an employee of Naval Group, he is determined to contribute to the group’s success in successfully implementing the 4-year maintenance contract to maintain and modernise the Sawari fleets. As a Saudi, he is excited to contribute, at his level, to his country’s prominence as an industrial player.

A solid background

Asseal graduated as an industrial engineer from the University of Jeddah in 2018. In his first position at Saudia Airlines, he became a procurement specialist involved in maintenance operations for spare parts. During his three years serving Saudia Royal Airlines, he familiarized himself with the broad scope of suppliers’ relations (development, evaluation, negotiation). In 2022, he acquired two extra certifications in international procurement as a professional and manager.

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