Aselsan to Unveil New Technologies at the IDEF 2015

Aselsan will display a wide range of products from Air Defence Systems to Border Security Systems, from Marine Systems to Electro- Optic Systems, from Communication Systems to Radar and Electronic Warfare Systems, from Guided and Navigation Systems to Avionic Systems at the IDEF 2015 in its 2.200 square meter area. Aselsan will also showcase its newly developed TORK Torpedoes Counter Measure System, Hybrid Laser and Missile Weapon System as well as Air Defence Ammunition with 35mm Airbust Ammunition for the first time at IDEF 2015.

Moreover, new products in a very wide spectrum among which Stabilized Gun Systems integrated on to the land platform, Guidance Systems in Air Force inventories, as well as Submarine Acoustic Systems are included, will be presented to the appreciation of the TAF and allied countries.

Many Aselsan products/systems among which Mobile Border Security Systems exported to Uruguay in the close period, HF Radios with TESİD Reward, and 3 Dimension Mobile Search Radar as well as Fire Control Radar, Identification Friend-or-Foe and Recognition System and Patrol and Facility Security solutions are included, can be seen at IDEF 2015.

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