“ASEF 1” Empowerment: “Intra Defense Technologies” Strengthening Its Industrial and Export Capabilities

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Intra Defense Technologies, a Saudi company specialized in unmanned aerial systems and associated support systems, has achieved a significant accomplishment in enhancing its industrial and export capabilities in the defense sector.

This accomplishment comes through the signing of a licensing agreement with the Turkish company ESEN. The agreement grants ESEN the rights to manufacture and sell the tactical aircraft “Storm 1” within Turkey.

The agreement was signed during Intra’s participation in IDEF held in Istanbul, which serves as a crucial platform for showcasing the latest defense technologies and products.

The “ASEF 1” UAS represents a remarkable technological achievement resulting from the efforts of a creative engineering team at Intra. This licensing agreement signifies a qualitative leap in its global export opportunities.

On the other hand, the Turkish company ESEN is already working on ambitious investment plans to improve the quality of production and enhance the efficiency of manufacturing the “Storm 1” aircraft. The goal is to meet the needs of both the domestic and international markets.

The “ASEF 1” possesses advanced technological advantages that make it ideal for various tactical applications, reflecting the dedication of Intra’s engineering team.

“ASEF 1” is a hybrid unmanned aircraft capable of vertical take-off and landing for reconnaissance purposes. Thanks to its global positioning system (GPS) and accurate navigation system, it enables military teams to carry out missions with precision and effectiveness, both day and night. Additionally, it can carry a variety of weapons and equipment necessary to accomplish its assigned tasks.

Here are some key features of the “Storm 1” aircraft:

  • Endurance of up to 50 hours in the air.
  • Equipped with high-resolution cameras for day and night imagery and video capture.
  • Utilizes a Global Positioning System (GPS) and accurate navigation system.
  • Capable of carrying a diverse range of weapons and equipment.
  • Easy to use and maintain.

The Saudi company Intra specializes in unmanned aerial systems and supporting systems and is licensed by the General Authority for Military Industries.

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