Amstone: An Egyptian Pioneer in the Defense Industry

Amstone, an Egyptian private company, has emerged as a key player in the defense industry through its innovative products and advanced security and military consulting and services. This strategic move aligns with the company’s aspirations to enhance national development and support the defense and security sector in Egypt.

Amstone is committed to supporting and strengthening national capabilities in the field of defense and security, including fifth-generation weapons. The company strives to achieve this by manufacturing locally produced Egyptian products in cooperation and partnership with global companies.

Hydra B5: A Revolutionary Unmanned Surface Vessel

Among Amstone’s most notable achievements is the development of the Hydra B5 unmanned surface vessel (USV), the first of its kind designed for patrol and coastal security missions.

Manufactured locally in partnership with Cypriot company Swarmly and Italian company Leonardo, the Hydra B5 was completed in under four months. The vessel boasts advanced capabilities, including:

  • Payload capacity of 600 kg
  • Weight of 1500 kg
  • Length of 8.9 meters
  • Speed of up to 85 knots
  • Remote-controlled 12.7mm machine gun
  • Small-sized drone for close-range reconnaissance operations
  • Capability to be equipped with Black Scorpion lightweight torpedoes

The Hydra B5 is available in two versions: the first for armed missions and the second for suicide missions.

H12 Poseidon: An Exceptional Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Amstone’s innovations extend beyond the Hydra B5 USV to the H12 Poseidon unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). This UAV boasts exceptional capabilities, including:

  • Operational range of over 150 km
  • Ability to operate in challenging environments, including overcoming jamming and interference on GNSS satellite navigation systems or operating in harsh weather conditions
  • Electro-optical thermal surveillance systems to perform diverse reconnaissance tasks

Amstone’s Commitment to Defense and Security

Amstone’s success in producing a wide range of advanced weapons and ammunition in a short period demonstrates the company’s dedication to supporting and strengthening Egypt’s defense and security capabilities. These achievements stand as a testament to Amstone’s commitment to innovation and its contribution to achieving leadership in the defense industry.

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