Photos: Algerian Ministry of National Defence
"Al Kassih 2" Minesweeper - Algerian Ministry of National Defence

“Al Kassih 2” Algeria’s New Minesweeper Warship

Minesweeper Warship “Al Kassih 2”, No. 502, docked at the Algerian North Admiralty Wharf on Tuesday 15th December 2020, said Algeria’s Ministry of National Defence on Tuesday.

This comes as part of “the implementation of the program of update and modernisation of the Algerian naval fleet and in order to consolidate the combat force of the People’s National Army and the Naval Forces,” said the Algerian Ministry of National Defence in a statement on Tuesday.

“Al Kassih 2″ Minesweeper is the second of its kind acquired by Algeria, for the purpose of securing navigation in its waters and defending merchant ships from mines’ dangers in times of war or crisis,” added the Ministry.

According to Global Fire Power, Algeria ranks 14 out of 138 on the list of Navy Fleet Strengths for the year 2020, with total assets of 201 miscellaneous warships.

Algeria’s naval power is the second in AfricaEgypt comes at the first place in the continent and comes 7th globally with a total of 316 miscellaneous warships.

The Algerian naval force operates from multiple bases along the country’s nearly 1,440 km (890 mi) coastline.


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