Airbus Defence and Space to present Keelback Net cyber sensor at the GISEC 2015 information security exhibition in Dubai

Keelback Net ensures the early detection and in-depth analysis of weak signals, which are typical of an advanced cyber attack and impossible to detect through classical means.

Airbus Defence and Space, a key player in the cyber security market in Europe and the Middle East, will be presenting Keelback Net, a sensor for combating Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), at the GISEC 2015 information security exhibition taking place in Dubai from 26 to 28 April 2015. It continuously monitors traffic flows therefore ensures early detection and investigation of suspect behaviour on company networks, and in particular “weak signals”, which are stealthy and therefore impossible to spot through classical detection means. One of the key advantages of the Keelback Net sensor is the combination of multiple analysis methods and capabilities in a single sensor. This innovative approach means that threats can be detected more rapidly and larger amounts of data processed.

Today, all organisations, in particular oil and banking infrastructures in the region, are targeted by an increasing number of sophisticated attacks designed to steal sensitive information from their targets or sabotage their systems and networks. Airbus Defence and Space has developed Keelback Net precisely to fight these types of attacks more effectively.

When deployed on the customer’s network environment, the sensor constantly monitors data traffic, identifies and detects threats, analyses stealthy characteristic signs of a malware and instantaneously raises an alarm if an attack is suspected. The alarm is immediately qualified by Airbus Defence and Space experts using a continually updated knowledge database. It is then handled in accordance with response scenarios established in close cooperation with the customer.

Guy Meguer, Head of the CyberSecurity unit at Airbus Defence and Space in the Middle East, said: “Keelback Net, an essential tool when it comes to detecting and investigating highly sophisticated malware, supplements our cyber security portfolio, which is structured around the Stormshield range of products for network and terminal protection and our Cyber Defence centres, which monitor our customers’ networks 24/7.”

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