Airbus Defence and Space and Huneed Technologies to Produce Warning System for “Surion”

Airbus Defence and Space is joining forces with Huneed Technologies Co. Ltd., Incheon/Republic of Korea, to provide the new Korean Utility Helicopter “Surion” with advanced missile warning systems. The companies signed a cooperation agreement aiming at Huneed Technologies to produce core electronics components of Airbus Defence and Space’s MILDS missile warning system (MILDS = Missile Launch Detection System).

Since 2007, Airbus Defence and Space had been awarded several contracts reaching a multi-million dollar figure by Korea’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) and Korea Aerospace Industries to develop and manufacture the missile warning system of the military helicopter “Surion” based on its proven MILDS system. Part of the production contract had been the set-up of a partnership with local industries which has now been put in place.

“Airbus Defence and Space follows a dedicated globalization and partnership strategy in a wider perspective”, said Thomas Müller, head of the Electronics Business Line of Airbus Defence and Space. “We are convinced that a close cooperation with local industries creates additional value for our customers.”

MILDS is a passive imaging sensor, detecting the UV radiation signature of approaching missiles. The extremely high resolution combined with rapid processing enables very reliable threat identification and virtually eliminates false alarms. Four to six sensors provide optimum coverage and rapid reaction. As MILDS operates in the UV spectrum, it is not subject to the limitations of other warning technologies such as infrared.

With more than 8,000 sensors sold, MILDS is the standard missile approach warner outside the U.S. It is in service aboard a huge variety of rotary wing and wide-body aircraft, including Tiger, NH90, CH-53, CH-47 and MI-17 helicopters and C-130 transport aircraft. A specific fighter version – MILDS F – is in service with the Royal Danish Air Force and Royal Norwegian Air Force F-16 fighters.

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