For over four decades, the AH-64 Apache has served as the world’s most versatile, lethal and survivable attack helicopter. From its introduction as the AH-64A in 1984 to today’s AH-64E Version 6, or v6, the Apache has been the most in-demand attack helicopter across the world because of its reputation, unmatched capabilities and proven dominance on the battlefield. With nearly 1,300 Apaches in operation across the globe, the AH-64’s status today isn’t just a product of Boeing’s innovation but also a reflection of the trust that our customers worldwide have placed in it.

Combining its battle-tested design with the world’s most cutting-edge attack helicopter capabilities, such as next-generation sensors, networking capabilities and weapons interoperability, the AH-64 delivers an unmatched mix of performance and versatility that serves to dominate the MDO battlefield.

“The Apache is a lethal, survivable, agile system providing the reach, maneuverability and reaction time where and when it matters – across the entire mission profile – to create overmatch on the battlefield,” said Rick Lemaster, Senior Director, Global Business Development, Middle East, North Africa, Türkiye and Israel for Boeing Defense, Space & Security. “Leveraging its unrivaled weapons carriage, proven Fire Control Radar and Manned-Unmanned Teaming-Extended (MUM-Tx) capabilities and Launched Effects interoperability, the Apache delivers unsurpassed lethality and provides greater flexibility to win the fight.”

The Apache will continue to be the U.S. Army’s principle attack helicopter for the next 30 years and will be in its inventory into the 2050s. As a result, Boeing has already started to explore the next evolution AH-64, the Modernized Apache, which would bring improved capability, commonality and interoperability with key global allies to enable joint force integration.

“What truly sets the Apache apart is its adaptability; with the Modernized Apache, we’re merging the robustness of the tried-and-tested AH-64 platform with cutting-edge technologies to provide an attack helicopter like never before. It is designed to survive, persist, interoperate and adapt within highly-contested operational environments,” said Mark Ballew, Senior Director, Vertical Lift Business Development, Boeing Defense, Space & Security. “Moreover, a Modular Open System Architecture will provide never-before seen agility and speed in integrating new technologies and capabilities, ensuring unmatched lethality, networking and survivability to stay ahead of emerging and evolving threats.”

This year, Boeing and AH-64 customers achieved many milestones. The U.S. Army received its 500th E-model Apache and its AH-64 Apache attack helicopters reached five million flight hours. Additionally, Boeing received a contract to produce 184 AH-64E Apaches for the U.S. and several international customers, including the first ever for Australia, further proving the global demand for the Apache’s capabilities. The AH-64 Apache symbolizes Boeing’s enduring commitment to innovation, collaboration and global excellence to support the warfighter to complete the mission.

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