AgustaWestland Launches Interior Design Competition for the AW609 TiltRotor

Finmeccanica–AgustaWestland announced the launch of the second edition of its “Flydeas for the City” initiative, within the framework of the ‘Energy for Creativity’ Exhibition-Event that was officially opened today by INTERNI magazine in Milan. The initiative is aimed at developing an all new, advanced corporate cabin interior for the AW609 TiltRotor with several design studios competing to be selected.

The project follows the successful first edition launched last year which led to the selection of the ‘Lanzavecchia+Wai’ designed exclusive cabin layout for the new generation AW169 light intermediate twin helicopter and a dedicated exterior paint scheme. Selected from a number of entries from various nations and design sectors, not strictly related to aerospace, this all new 4-seat interior design for the AW169 featured advanced materials and was focused on optimizing the use of the internal space and enhancing the overall flight experience.

AgustaWestland is now taking a further step forward involving a range of designers, who’ll put forward their own design concepts for an innovative interior for the world’s first commercial tiltrotor. This project offers designers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to develop a completely new interior configuration for this revolutionary aircraft that will be able to perform many missions that no existing aircraft can perform. The winner of the competition will be announced in October this year.

This initiative highlights AgustaWestland’s desire to innovate and develop new cabin interior concepts that will benefit future customers, drawing on ideas beyond the usual interior design players and leading fashion design houses.

The unique flight characteristics of the AW609 combine the benefits of a helicopter and a fixed-wing aircraft into one aircraft. Taking off and landing vertically, flying above adverse weather conditions with up to nine people in comfort in a pressurised cabin at twice the speed and range typical of helicopters, the AW609 represents the next generation of commercial aircraft transport.

With approximately 1,200 flight hours logged by the first two prototypes and two more aircraft being readied for certification testing, the AW609 development programme is progressing to plan and is focused on obtaining US FAA civil certification in 2017. Almost 60 customers have already chosen the AW609 globally to perform several missions, many of them for executive passenger transport duties.

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