AgustaWestland Launches 7 Tonne AW139

Finmeccanica – AgustaWestland announced today a significant product development for the market leading AW139 twin engine helicopter with the launch of a 7,000 kg (15,432 lb) increased gross weight kit. This optional kit increases the standard 6,400 kg (14,109 lb) maximum gross weight by 600 kg (1,323 lb) and is 200 kg (440 lb) more than the existing increased gross weight clearance of 6,800 kg (14,991 lb).

When combined with new baseline aircraft and kit improvements that are being introduced on new aircraft this year, which give a typical weight saving of 100 kg (220 lb) for an offshore configured aircraft, operators will be able to benefit from up to 700 kg (1,543 lb) of extra payload.

Existing AW139 operators will be able to retrofit the 7 tonne increased gross weight kit to enhance their aircraft’s capabilities to provide an extra 600 kg (1,323 lb) or 200 kg (440 lb) of payload.

The 7 tonne AW139 allows it to compete with larger types, such as the EC175, on long range missions with 12 or less passengers whilst offering significantly lower operating costs. In offshore configuration a 7 tonne AW139 incorporating the baseline aircraft and kit improvements has a radius of action of 230 nm (426 km) with eight passengers

The AW139 with the 7 tonne increased gross weight kit retains key operating and performance features such as a temperature envelope at sea level of -40°C to +50°C, up to sea state 6 ditching capability and Category A clear area at 7,000 kg (15,432 lb) up to ISA+20 at sea level.

Deliveries of the AW139 with the baseline weight savings will begin this year from the final assembly lines in Italy and the USA.

With orders for nearly 900 aircraft in more than 70 countries from more than 220 customers and over 730 aircraft already in service, the AW139 is the market leading and best-selling intermediate twin engine helicopter in the world. It is also the only helicopter in its class to meet or exceed the latest certification safety standards.

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