A10 Networks Enhances Security Efficacy of ADC and DDoS Portfolio

A10 Networks, a technology leader in application networking, today announced it has partnered with cyber security software developer ThreatSTOP to deliver the A10 Threat Intelligence Service. The new A10 Threat Intelligence Service augments the application security portfolio of A10’s Thunder ADC and TPS products to protect customer applications and users from cyber threats, including outside-in and inside-out attacks. A10 has gained a high-quality intelligence feed via ThreatSTOP’s advanced threat monitoring and mitigation platform to provide customers with a dynamic, near real-time intelligence feed that prevents data theft, reduces network load and minimizes attack surface. 

Cyber attacks are very difficult to identify as both attack methods and source locations vary greatly, and on-premise security solutions cannot take investigative action until organizations have been struck by malicious traffic. Identifying threats not only requires prolonged exposure to the threat, but also significant computing and extensive personnel resources to analyze correctly. 

The A10 Threat Intelligence Service combines and enhances reputation data from over three dozen security intelligence sources, including DShield, abuse.ch, and Shadowserver, to enable A10’s Thunder ADC and TPS to instantly recognize and block traffic from known attack sources.

A10’s Threat Intelligence Service provides the following benefits:

•             Protects networks from future threats

•             Blocks threats not covered by implemented security infrastructure

•             Increases network performance and efficiency


With a Threat Intelligence network that continuously charts potential intruders on the Internet, customers can leverage global knowledge to block traffic from malicious Internet locations and offload existing security infrastructures from identifying known bots and attack sources. The A10 Threat Intelligence Service additionally catches security threats that customers’ existing defenses may not be designed for, such as spam or phishing sources, or attacks a device simply is not configured for.


"Our goal is to enable our customers to deliver an amazing application experience that is not only fast, always on and personalized, but also safe and secure," said Sanjay Kapoor, VP of global marketing at A10 Networks. "When it comes to network security, more knowledge equals more power and proactively blocking connections from known attackers prevents our customers from becoming cyber victims. We selected ThreatSTOP because of its experience and track record in delivering effective feeds and, as a result, have significantly enhanced our threat smart solutions."


A10 Threat Intelligence Service features include:

•             Blocking "Command and Control" computers from communicating with your network

•             Preventing zero-day attacks

•             Cloaking your network from known cybercriminal scans

•             Enhanced, personalized threat intelligence data, based on optional feedback


"ThreatSTOP gathers data about active command and control systems, and the bots under their control, as well as improperly provisioned third-party hosts that are abused to amplify attacks, and makes it actionable in a timely way," said ThreatSTOP CEO and Founder Tom Byrnes. "This large and rapidly changing list of malicious network infrastructure is a perfect match to apply to A10 Networks Thunder ADC and TPS systems due to their capacity and scalability."


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