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The development of the new generation of Brazilian drones now has a partner: EDGE Group from the UAE

TUPAN drones

Patricia Marins The latest iteration of TUPAN drones made their debut at IDEX2023. This cutting-edge technology stems from a collaborative effort between the Turbomachine and SIATT companies, both of which have established partnerships with the EDGE group. The TUPAN drone family embraces high-speed, vertical takeoff and landing (HSVTOL) capabilities, merging …

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EDGE’s Strategic Partnership and Expansion Plans Revealed

Exclusive – Defense Arabia In a groundbreaking development that promises to reshape the defense landscape, EDGE, a prominent player in the global defense industry, is currently in negotiations to acquire a minority stake in Avibras, one of Brazil’s leading defense companies. This exclusive information comes directly from Patricia Marins, a …

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The Russian Army’s Communication Challenges

Patricia Marins Despite being engaged in warfare for 17 months, the Russian Army still struggles with its communication infrastructure. The Azart system, designed to provide secure tactical-level communications even in the presence of electronic countermeasures, has faced significant hurdles in its implementation. As of July, the Azart system’s range is …

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NATO has fallen into Russia’s trap!

Patricia Marins For several months, Ukraine has been requesting weapons while NATO has been cautious about escalating the situation. However, little did anyone realize that the West was unknowingly falling into a trap set by Russia. By refusing to provide Ukraine with long-range weapons, modern armored vehicles, and air power, …

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