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EDGE: A New Landscape for the Defence Industry in the Middle East

Faisal Al Bannai, CEO & Managing Director of EDGE.

Recently, EDGE was ranked among the top 25 military suppliers in the world by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), a think tank that specialises in data analysis of military expenditure and arms trade among other peace and security-related matters. EDGE Group was established in November 2019 consolidating more than 25 …

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ARMY-2021 Forum to be Held Next August

The Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, General of the Army Pavel Popov, has announced that the seventh Army International Military-Technical Forum (ARMY-2021 Forum) will be held next year in August, reports the channel of the Russian Ministry of Defence, TV Zvezda. “The 7th Army International Military-Technical Forum will …

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Meet Egypt’s FREMM Bergamini

FREMM is originally a joint French-Italian project between Naval Group and Fincantieri to build a heavy multi-mission frigate, which is why it was called “FREMM”, short for “European multi-mission frigate” in French “Frégate Européenne Multi-Mission” and in Italian “Fregata Europea Multi-Missione”. This is a glimpse into the FREMM Bergamini Egypt has ordered recently. …

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Egyptian-British T-1 Amphibious Joint Training

Training like the Egyptian-British T-1 amphibious joint training, which ended days ago, cannot go unnoticed. This article explains the extent of its importance and the enormous qualitative leap it represents in the field of acquiring new concepts and experiences in the future of amphibious operations. The reason behind the significance …

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