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The Growing Role of Arab Women in Defense

The role of women in the defense industry is changing across the Middle East, but particularly in Saudi Arabia, as successful programs, such as the World Defense Show’s International Women in Defense forum, have shown. The defense sector remains a male dominated industry across the globe. It was reported last …

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Collaboration is imperative as space defense technology advances

Standfirst: Space is integral to modern defense, enhancing communication, intelligence, navigation, and surveillance, but international collaboration is essential for peaceful coexistence and development. Space has become an essential component of every nation’s defense strategy, interacting with and enhancing operations in every domain. Space-based assets provide critical intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance …

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GhostEye® MR: A new radar for medium‐range air defense

The latest addition to the Raytheon Missiles & Defense GhostEye® family of radars counters escalating threats. In air and missile defense, the threat is diverse and ever‐changing. Right now, that’s especially true of the medium‐range mission space, which has seen a proliferation of adversarial cruise missiles, drones, fixed‐wing and rotary …

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