TAI Sets its Sights on Polonization and Cooperation Opportunities on the Polish Kruk Program

TAI – Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc., Turkey’s center of excellence in defence and aerospace industries and PGZ – Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa, one of the largest defence groups in Europe comprising over 60 companies held a workshop on February 3rd, 2016 in Radom with 15 Turkish-Polish Defence Industry companies, regarding the possible cooperation on KRUK Combat Helicopter Procurement Program of the Polish Armament Inspectorate.

With long experience in merging and integrating the capabilities of local and global companies, TAI is now exploring the opportunity to cooperate with Polish companies with unique and exclusive qualifications in order to bring the already proven capabilities of the “T129 ATAK Multi-Role Combat Helicopter” to new heights, through the KRUK Program. As indicated and underlined repeatedly by TAI and several Turkish Defense Industry company representatives from the outset of the KRUK Program, TAI is ready to fine tune its combat proven T129 ATAK Helicopter platform to satisfy the specific requirements of the Polish end-user, through integrating distinguished Polish suppliers into its supply chain.

TAI has accumulated a vast level of experience in working on advanced defence projects with global players. From the very beginning of involvement in Poland, TAI ensures that cooperation with the PGZ Group into Program Kruk or other common projects will be focused on maximizing the benefits for the Polish defense and industry.

TAI is a global player in defence and aerospace industries through its capabilities in design, development, modernization, manufacturing, integration and life cycle support of integrated aerospace systems, from fixed and rotary wing air platforms to unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and space systems. The widespread product and activity range of TAI is an indication that this newly blossoming cooperation between TAI and Polish industry will not be limited to the KRUK Program. It will be a sustainable, long-term win-win relationship in which all parties will find opportunities to advance their business goals in local and global markets in the medium run.

PGZ is pursuing a strategy to develop the highest capabilities of the Polish Defence Industry as well as its competitiveness on global markets. Through the passion and vision to become a leading manufacturer of high-technology equipment, PGZ is proved to be a strong business partner in Poland by forming a base for key competencies across the group’s 60+ companies and its 17.500 workforce.

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