Rockwell Collins Launches Wearable FireStorm Integrated Targeting System at DSEI 2015

Rockwell Collins today unveiled a lightweight, wearable version of its proven FireStormTM integrated targeting system at DSEI 2015.

The new FireStorm system offers a scalable targeting capability for both mobile and static applications.  Based upon the most widely used joint fires system in the world, the wearable version of FireStorm delivers the highest levels of accuracy, maintains full digital interoperability with a wide range of coalition aircraft and artillery systems, and has a new intuitive, easy to use interface.

“Our new FireStorm system keeps pace with the challenges of evolving battlefields, tactics and technologies,” said Claude Alber, vice president and managing director of Europe, Middle East and Africa for Rockwell Collins. “The system provides a more effective mission capability by leveraging years of targeting experience that simplify data link inputs.”

This wearable FireStorm system is available as a complete turn-key solution or as user-selected FireStorm hardware and software components for integration and enhancement of current in-service systems. The new FireStorm Interface Unit (FIU) provides body-worn integrated smart power management and data concentration for components of the system.

The latest version features a smaller, lighter accuracy augmentation unit called the High Accuracy Lightweight Targeter (HALT) that weighs less than 1.2 kilograms, can be carried in a vest pouch or large uniform pocket and can enhance the accuracy of an LRF in a handheld mode.  The unit provides direct observation target location coordinates at Category I levels of accuracy to enable precision-guided munitions with vital targeting data.

It also features the latest compact version of the StrikeHawkTM Digital tactical video downlink receiver. StrikeHawk Digital enables the dismounted user to receive, record or rebroadcast digital and analog video from unmanned aerial vehicles, strike pods or ground-generated sources.

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