Apache AH-64E
Apache AH-64E

Boeing Secures Saudi’s $437M Apache Helicopter Deal

The U.S. Army today awarded Boeing a contract worth approximately $437 million for full-rate production of AH-64E Apache helicopters for Saudi Arabia.

“The Boeing Co., Mesa, Arizona, was awarded a $436,691,186 modification to contract for full rate production of Apache AH-64E aircraft,” a U.S. DoD release said.

Although today’s contract does not mention the gulf country, it is the modification of a $3.27 billion contract that the company won in March 2017. The foreign military sales (Saudi Arabia) contract covered “Apache attack helicopter multi-year lots 7-11, AH-64E full-rate production of remanufactured aircraft and new build aircraft, remanufacture and new build Longbow crew trainers, peculiar ground support equipment, initial spares, integrated logistics support, and engineering technical services.”

Work for today’s deal is estimated to be completed before Feb. 28, 2025.

Boeing’s AH-64 Apach

Boeing’s AH-64 Apache has already emerged as the world’s most advanced, multi-role combat helicopter that is used by the U.S. Army and a growing number of international defense forces. Its AH-64E is the latest version of the AH-64 gunship, which is equipped with new sensors, avionics and improved night operation capabilities.

In addition, it has an infrared suppressing exhaust system as well as chaff and flare dispensers, which jointly reduce the chances of being hit by enemy air defense missiles. Notably, militaries of nations, such as India, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Morocco, Israel and Egypt, among many others, alongside the United States have the Apache Helicopters in their arsenal.

Boeing has already delivered more than 2,400 Apaches to various customers globally. In recent times, increasing geopolitical tensions across the world have prompted both developed and developing nations to effectively increase their defense budget. It is imperative to mention in this context that the fiscal 2022 discretionary budget reflects funding request worth $753 billion for the U.S. defense programs, implying an annual increase of 1.7%. If approved, fresh order flows from the Pentagon, like the latest one, will boost growth prospects of Boeing

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